Natural Solutions for Pain – 5 Foods That Can Relieve Pain

Many options for chronic pain relief are available from physical therapy, bio-feedback, anti-depressants, muscle relaxers, steroids, NSAID’s, anti-inflammatory, over the counter pain medications, to narcotic pain medication.

Many physicians are hesitant about what kind of pain treatment is best. Nowadays they are very reluctant to prescribe narcotics for pain relief as there is always the risk of addiction.

In particular when using narcotic pain medication, it seems physicians do what’s in their best interest, not what is in the best interest of the patient. This has happened due to government regulations, narcotic abuse, diversion, patient addiction and physicians who just don’t understand chronic pain.

The best solution I found was to be responsible for our own health care and to begin with a healthy lifestyle change.

Video Tutorial 5 Natural Foods That Reduce Pain

5 Pain Relieving Foods


Oftentimes we think of coffee as a cause for headaches,sometimes too much caffeine can cause a headache or even if you are addicted to caffeine and go a day without it that too can cause a headache!

However in smaller doses one cup of coffee a day is great for reducing the pain from headaches. So if you feel a headache coming on, reach for a nice cuppa and knock it dead in it’s tracks.

Ginger is great for reducing joint pain such as that suffered with osteoarthritis. You can add ginger to recipes and smoothies to get the pain relieving benefits.
Alternatively, ginger is available in capsule form.

Tart Cherries

Cherries have natural pain reducing properties. You can use fresh or frozen cherries and consume some daily to eliminate joint and muscle pain.

It can also be consumed in juice form, whichever is easiest for your busy lifestyle.

Keeping some bottles of cherry juice on hand is a great idea to get rid of your pain as soon as it starts.


Believe it or not, sage can help reduce pain. You can brew fresh sage in a cup of “tea” to get the most benefit from this herb. You can also use freeze dried or deydrated sage leaves to make a hot drink all year through.


Salmon can help reduce joint pain and arthritis pain. It is believed the Omerga 3’s is what helps lubricate the joints and eases pain.

Salmon can be fresh or frozen, it’s health benefits are not affected by the storage process.

Having salmon on the menu at least once a week is highly beneficial.

As a chronic pain sufferer myself having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia some 20 years ago and also having osteoarthritis, I know first-hand what it is like to suffer with day to day pain.

I have discovered a lot about how chronic pain is treated, or I should say untreated.

It is extremely frustrating and a sad fact that chronic pain goes grossly under treated. Too many people are needlessly suffering chronic pain. I tried several doctors without any success.

I discovered a stigma associated with patients requesting chronic pain treatment. I was treated like a drug addict! Yet I had never taken any non-prescription drugs in my life! Also the only prescribed pain medications I ever had was from a dentist for an abscess.

My medical records would show this yet doctors believed I was simply seeking strong pain medications to what? Get high? I have no idea what they thought…

All I know was I went to several doctors, I explained my pain, all my symptoms and all they did was order blood tests that came back just great! Therefore I was lying… in their opinion.

The problem with chronic pain is that it cannot be seen or diagnosed. Yes, years later my osteoarthritis is now clearly visible on x-rays however the chronic pain of fibromyalgia still isn’t ‘diagnosable.’

This is the problem many people suffering with chronic pain have. Being understood and listened to.

Each case is different and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. Medications to gain relief from chronic pain take time to work and many have unwanted side effects so finding something that works for you may take time.

However, when the patient has exhausted the freely available medications for pain and nothing works then they should have the right to have access to narcotics for relief of their pain.

I have told many doctors that if I were a dog I’d be humanely ‘put to sleep’ but as I am not I am left to suffer without any pain relief. They simply shrugged. I wish in my heart thateveryday roots these people could walk a day on our lives to experience it for themselves.

Finally I turned to natural remedies to ease and relieve my pain. I discovered many natural foods that reduce inflammation and pain. I also found many home remedies that work for pain.

As you can see from the 5 best foods to alleviate pain, if we can change our diets and get powerful pain relieving properties from normal everyday foods. As soon as you begin to ease the inflammation caused by chronic pain your body will begin to heal itself. We have to work with our body to get the process started.

If you suffer regular bouts of pain, this lifestyle change will definitely help ease your suffering.