How to Get Rid of Warts Using Natural Home Remedies

Warts are typically small, rough, hard growths that can occur on any part of the body however the most common places are hands and feet.

Warts are generally just an embarrassment for the person suffering with them, typically they do not cause any pain. The exception is if they are found on the soles of the feet they can be painful. Also if teh wart is on an area that is rubber by clothing or shoes it can be irritating.

You may just develop a single wart although generally you have several.

Warts are caused by infection with a type of human papillomavirus (HPV).

Without treatment, most types of warts resolve in months to years. Warts are very common with most people being infected at some point in time.

Home Remedy Wart Removal Videos

In the video above, we use aloe vera and basil to remove the wart.

These two ingredients have powerful healing property that will help attack the virus that causes warts.

However warts can cause emotional issues if young girls contract them. Their self-esteem plummets and they try to hide their hands due to embarrassment.

Safe wart removal naturally using diy home remedies.

When it comes to common wart removal, we will ll react differently so you may need to try several methods to find the best wart removal product for you.

The idea with do it yourself wart removal is you use all natural products that are completely safe. The trick is to block off the air supply to the warts and this will trigger a response in your body to heal the area and kill the virus.



Video – Alternative Method For Getting Rid of Warts

In this wart removal video we demonstrate how you can use clear nail polish for wart removal on hands, but it can be used anywhere on the body except for warts in the eye area.

We strongly advise you seek medical help to remove warts from the eye area, it is not worth the risk of causing permanent eye damage trying to remove these warts yourself.


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