Do You Suffer Recurring Headaches? Home Remedy for Headaches


Headache is the most common health condition of all.  The most typical type of headache is a tension headache.

Research shows that 75-90% of the US population suffers with occasional tension headaches.

Headaches are characterized by a dull ache that can occur in several areas of the head. Back of the head and neck area are typical tension headache areas.

Sleeping becomes nigh on impossible when you suffer a severe headache.

There are many causes for headaches, some come from straining, others from too much close up working, colds can cause sinus headaches, stress and fatigue are quite common causes for headaches.

Thankfully, tension headaches are easier to deal with, they are all lifestyle oriented.

natural remediesTake a good look at your daily lifestyle. Oftentimes we don’t realize how much stress we are struggling to cope with. I always consider our bodies are our early warning signals. We need to take time out to listen to our body and take heed of early warning signs, such as a tension headaches, that something is amiss.



Is there a great deal of stress in your day-to-day life? Do you have financial problems? Do you have trouble sleeping?

What is your diet and exercise regime like? How about your emotional state do you feel overall happy or depressed
How often do you experience tension headaches?

By taking time to think through your answers to these questions you will find a good baseline to start working with.

We all know stress is a killer, often a silent killer. It’s time to take notice of what your body is trying to tell you.

We are creating a whole section on stress and natural methods to de-stress our lives. We feel in today’s age stress is a constant companion for most of us.

It’s impossible to eliminate all stressors from our lives but we can transform the way in which our body reacts to it making it a positive force in our lives.

take time out for yourself, relax with meditation, discover natural ways to relieve stress and tension headaches for good.

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